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Beverage Universe

Beverage Universe

When Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen started working with Beverage Universe  in early 2010 they were getting approximately 10,000 hits a month to their website. In 3 months they went from 10,000 to 27,000 hits per month. Check out this video of their keyword places on Google Page 1. 

NS Design

NS Design, Maine

When started SEO with The SEO Queen they were already established as one of the market leaders in the electric bowed instrument market. However they wanted to be more competitive and expand their marketing mix beyond just live events like NAMM in the Winter and Summer. When they started with The SEO Queen they primarily promoted the brand through extensive print advertising, online advertising, website blog news, eNewsletters, social media, participated in industry trade shows. partnerships, artist promotions, dealer distribution and experiential marketing. Their current total traffic in June 2019 was 6,766 of which 6,698 was organic from search engines like Google.

Since standardizing their Meta Data approach for all artists, instruments, and pages on the site they were able to improve their visibility for their target keywords AND increase their traffic 36.74% percent. In April 2021 the website went to 9,252 hits per month where 9.215 of that was 100% organic.


The SEO Queen | Digital Marketing Service

Zhe Scott, MPP, Long Beach California

In the beginning of 2021, The SEO Queen’s website was neglected and was only ranking for only 15 keywords. After rolling out 1 blog every day for the year of 2021, adding more content, optimizing for meta tags, and building backlinks, now ranks for over 1,000 keywords.