In a bit of irony, his career began in law enforcement serving as a police officer in Arkansas for nine years. It was during this service that Kevin identified the importance of influence and interpersonal relationships.

Due to the wide range of human behavior he witnessed on the force, he became obsessed with studying human behavior, leadership and influence.

Kevin has conducted countless hours of research, reading and team building through mentoring relationships. These experiences provided Kevin with the knowledge and experience that facilitates success and results from his clients in reaching their personal and business goals.

After tapping into his first love–“helping people”, Kevin decided to move his focus from civil service to building dreams.

Kevin left the police force and began a ten year series of results focused endeavors including Digital and traditional marketing in his private marketing firm, TEAM VISION, LLC. Kevin is also the founder of Arkansas Black Businesses and ABB MEDIA GROUP.

Arkansas Black Businesses is a central hub for all African American businesses, and Black Entrepreneurs. The goal is to promote and advertise all black businesses.

Kevin learned first-hand what it means to “fail your way to success,” and believes it was well worth it. He is willing to share all of his knowledge and experiences to help his clients avoid some of the same pitfalls. Today, Kevin provides coaching to clients across the United States in collaboration with other coaches! Kevin also facilitates seminars for business owners and organizations.

When Kevin is not enjoying down time with his family, he spends his time traveling and teaching others the philosophy of business and life.

Team Vision, LLC

Arkansas Black Businesses