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Internet Marketing In Landmark

The Best Online Marketing Agency in Landmark, AR

The power of technology is often overlooked, especially by older generations which usually prefer to advertise their business in a traditional sense. Understanding how and why online marketing works is the first step to building your online platform. Statistics show that as of January 2021, over five billion people use mobile devices. Smartphones are the most popular mobile device, with 96.6 percent of all internet users owning smartphones. Essentially, if you are not using online marketing strategies, you are failing to advertise your goods and services to billions of people. Imagine how much growth and opportunities you are missing out on by not shifting your marketing strategy online. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. This is why ABB Media Group, located in Pulaski county, is here to help! 

ABB Media Group is a digital marketing agency that aims to encourage and promote black business collaboration and development, black cultural interest, and ultimately black economics. However, they want all businesses to grow and succeed, and they have the tools to help you get on track to be the best in your industry. ABB Media Group was founded in Landmark, AR by Kevin Williams. Kevin and his team are well equipped with knowledge on the best online marketing strategies to field traffic to your website to sell your goods or services. ABB Media Group will teach you how to create content, build email lists, capitalize on leads, and more! 

More About Kevin Williams and the Team at ABB Media Group

ABB Media Group was founded by Kevin Williams, an entrepreneur, and trained results coach. Kevin began his career in law enforcement and spent about nine years on the force until he realized he was more passionate about helping other people and business owners. He left his role as a police officer in Arkansas and began a ten-year journey to focus on online and traditional marketing in a private marketing firm. He built ABB Media Group as a central hub for all African American businesses and Black Entrepreneurs from this opportunity. The ultimate goal of ABB Media Group is to promote and advertise all black businesses. 

Throughout Kevin’s career, he has learned what it means to “fail your way to success” and has gained the knowledge and experience to help his clients avoid some of the same pitfalls. Today, he provides coaching to clients from all businesses and backgrounds across the United States in collaboration with other coaches. 

Kevin and his team at ABB Media Group in Landmark, AR takes business owners, like yourself, under their wing to teach you the most powerful techniques in online marketing. 

How Can ABB Media Group Help You?

ABB Media Group offers a variety of online marketing packages and an SEO partnership program to assist you and your business at every step of the way. Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned entrepreneur stuck in a rut, ABB Media Group is here to help you out! Each package ranges in price and is designed to help market your brand or business. 

Bronze Package – $25 Monthly Fee

  • Email Blast Advertising

Silver Package – $60 Monthly Fee or $150 for a 3-month term

  • Email and Text Blast Advertising
  • Company Profile Listed in ABB Media Group Directory

Gold Package – $100 Monthly Fee or $260 for a 3-month term

  • Email and Text Blast Advertising
  • Company Profile Listed in ABB Media Group Directory and Website
  • My Story Live Stream Business Owner Interview

Platinum Package – $500 Monthly Fee or $1250 for a 3-month term

  • Email and Text Blast Advertising
  • Company Profile Listed in ABB Media Group Directory and Website
  • My Story Live Stream Business Owner Interview 
  • Quarterly Commercial

If you are searching for an effective online marketing agency in your area or you are seeking the best in the business, choose ABB Media Group in Landmark, AR. 

The Importance of Hiring an Online Marketing Agency

On average, Americans check their phones over 250 times per day- that’s about once every 5 minutes! Imagine the traction you could get with an effective online marketing campaign. At least once a day, your clients should receive an update from your company via email so that you can get more traffic to your website or social media platforms. 

Online marketing has been on the rise over recent years with the advances in technology and social media. In fact, the use of videos in online marketing has grown every year for the past three years! Data from 2017 shows that 63% of marketers were using video marketing strategies to promote their brands or businesses, and in 2018 this percentage jumped to 81%. Today, almost 90% of marketers leverage the power of video to transform their marketing programs. Video marketing is essential because it generates interaction and connectivity with its audience members. Instead of simply showing a picture with descriptive words, you can inspire clients by giving them a visual representation of what your business is all about. 

Also, tracking your marketing campaigns online allows you to optimize your analytics. When you promote your business online, by website, or social media, you can also use intelligent analytic tools to save you time and headaches. These tools will automatically track your traction and show you which strategies to stick with and which ones you need to improve! 

Hiring an online marketing agency like ABB Media Group in Pulaski county will provide you with all the insights and tools you need to succeed! ABB Media Group is backed by hundreds of five-star reviews and client testimonials. They are fully staffed with highly trained marketing professionals that you will learn from to get your business up and operating! The team at ABB Media Group in Arkansas will teach you all you need to know about creating marketing content, understanding SEO, building email campaigns, and more!

Hire ABB Media Group Today!

ABB Media Group is one of the most trusted online marketing agencies in the Landmark, AR area. They hold all the tools, strategies, and techniques you need to grow your online platform. Schedule a call today by calling 501-952-4331. You will be connected with an online marketing expert that will talk to you about your company, assess your goals and provide you with all the tools to succeed and grow your business! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be the best entrepreneur you can be!

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